Who is this program for?

The VANQUISHED online recovery program is for people who has been in a 28 day or a 90 day program.  The program is also designed for people who are just getting started in treatment.  

How much of a time commitment is the program? How many hours a week?

The program will average 8.3 hours a week if completed in 12 weeks.

Can I complete the program on my own time or are there set hours each week?

You will have access to the program 24 hours a day.  

However, the program drips out every weed.  This gives you time to internalize the material.  

What types of addiction can be treated with  VANQUISHED?

VANQUISHED was designed to treat those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs. And other addictions such as food, sex, porn gambling to name a few.  

Will I be able to reach a therapist all hours of the day/night?

Like most treatment programs we use your peers to help you through a bad situation.  However, you do have access to email consultation.  

Is VANQUISHED covered by my insurance?

No.  We have make the program affordable.

Is the VANQUISHED platform secure and private?

Yes, all communications are secure and private

What are the technical requirements to use VANQUISHED?

Our program  works well on all devices, operating systems and web browsers.

How long will it take to complete the program?

12 weeks or 90 days

If I am not happy with treatment can I end treatment early?

Yes, this is a voluntary treatment and you can stop at any time.