Leveraging Technology To Overcome Addiction

The VANQUISHED 247 online addiction recovery program uses technology to enhance the recovery experience for our clients.  By using technology, (AI) artificial intelligence we are able to collect scientific data that is timely and essential to developing a comprehensive recovery system.    Because addiction is not a mental disorder our program dose not address any psychological issues.  We focus on our clients thinking and how they process information as well as their behavior.   By leveraging technology, we are able to be more effective and produce positive measurable results.   


Rejuvenating Our Spirit

Alcohol and other addictions affect three primary brain functions used to control our thinking and behavior.  The first function (Frontal Lobe) involves our thinking, the spirit.   Our spiritual nature influences the way we make rational decisions.  We use this part of our brain to make plans, sets goals, to reason, and consider the cost and benefits of our actions.   You can refer to this as our higher self.  The principle we live by and our values make up our identity.   It’s in our spirit that we find our dignity, self-worth, respect and love for our self and for others.   


Managing Our Behavior 

The second and third primary brain function (Parietal Lobe & Temporal Lobe) deals with our flesh which has powerful influence over our behavior.   This is the part of the brain that controls our appetite, our craving and our desires.  It deals with emotional and physical attachments.  Sex, pleasure and obsessive addictive behavior are all part of this system in the brain.   This part of the brain has no consideration for dignity, self-respect or love for self.    It’s the flesh, it wants what it wants when it wants it.  Nothing else matters.    When alcohol and other addictive behaviors are active in our body and affecting our brain, these traits began to overpower our spirit.    


Understanding Our Problem 

When addiction takes control of your mine it corrupts your thinking.   Because addiction is so cunning, baffling and powerful it’s too much for us to overcome alone.  Paul puts it like this in the Bible.  Romans chapter 7: 15. “Sin now lives in me.”  (addiction) The good things that we wish to do like pay our bills, go to work on time or spend time with our family, we cannot do.  However, the bad things like stilling money from people or lying to our family which we do not want to do, we have no power to stop doing.  

After doing drugs for some length of time they began to incentive our fleshly self.  Giving power to our cravings and our fleshly desires.    The obsession and the phenomenon of cravings seek to feed the addiction at any cost.     


Seeing Our Challenge   

There are hundreds of cures in our environment which can trigger an obsession.   Once you are captured by the obsession another phase of the addiction comes into play called compulsive behavior.    Now your ability to think rationally is sketchy at best.   Once you take the first drink or drug the Phenomenon of Craving sets in. At this point you have lost all of your ability to differentiate the truth from the fuse.  You tell yourself that just one more will not heart.  When at this point in an addiction the hellishness of the addiction becomes a reality in an addict’s life.    This become a vicious cycle and can go on for years if the addict does not get help.  The VANQUISHED 247 online addiction recovery program uses technology to enhance our clients recovery experience.   .  Until now there were millions of people suffering from addiction who had no chance at going into a treatment program.  The cost of online treatment and the development of addiction recovery apps has greatly reduced that problem.  

Anyone can have an addiction. Addiction involves craving for something intensely, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences. Addiction changes the brain, first by subverting the way it registers pleasure and then by corrupting other normal drives such as learning and motivation. Although breaking an addiction is tough, with our program it can be done.

Our program is focused on a life of recovery. Not the hellishness of addiction. We believe that positive influences bring about positive outcomes. As you are going through the process of ending your addiction you will learn the five keys to addiction recovery.  This program was designed for those who are at the beginning of their treatment and  those coming from short team in patient programs. Assuming a 28- or 60-day treatment program can fix all your problems vastly underestimates the severity of what you’re going through. It takes a little time to get back to where you were before your addiction.  We provide you with daily support and online training.

Asking For Help  

For many people struggling with addiction, the toughest step toward recovery is the very first one: recognizing that you have a problem and deciding to make a change. It’s normal to feel uncertain about whether you’re ready to make a change, or if you have what it takes to quit. It’s also normal to feel conflicted about giving up your drug of choice, even when you know it’s causing problems in your life. Recovery requires time, motivation, and support. By joining our online recovery program and making a commitment to change, you can overcome your addiction and regain control of your life.

The Benefits of Using VANQUISHED The number one Online Addiction recovery program.

Get ready to be exciting about your life.    As you go through this program you will have fun, enjoy laughter and happiness.   We are going to teach you how to have a good time without the use of drugs  or any other mind controlling activity.  You are going to learn how to change the things in your life that are not conducive to your success.   

During this program you will learn that the substance of the addiction is not the problem.  The drugs, the gambling, the sex, the food, no these things are not the problem, but are the symptoms of the problem.   Your problem comes from within.  Any time someone becomes addicted it’s because they have lost the ability to say no.  The things you wish to do which are good such as loving your family, going to work on time, you cannot do.  But the things you wish not to do which are bad things you find yourself doing.    This is because the obsession and the compulsion is too strong.  Without help it is too much for us.   

The VANQUISHED Program is available entirely online and offers recovery services for drug and alcohol addiction, as well as other behavioral addictions. Program materials are available through any device and can be completed at your own pace. You can review and practice recovery techniques from the comfort of your own home or while you’re away.

There’s an old saying that even the longest journey begins by taking a first step, but some first steps are very scary. For people embarking on the road to addiction recovery, that first step can hold them back from getting the help they need, sometimes for years.

VANQUISHED Online addiction program makes this first step easier. You can access our Program from the privacy of your own home and start building a new life in recovery.

VANQUISHED Online Addiction recovery program has removed the three major Stumbling blocks that has kept many people from seeking the help they need to overcome their addiction and get their life back on track with God, family and friends.  

Stumbling block one: Privacy

Many people shun addiction services to avoid the stigma of being known as an addict in recovery. Online high-definition videos put you face-to-face with treatment professionals.   Also these videos are to make sure only the people in the treatment session can see the video. No one else needs to know that you’re in treatment.

 Stumbling block two: I Don't Have Time

The Internet breaks down the treatment barriers of time and space. People no longer have to travel long distances for assistance, and those who are home bound can bring help into their living room.

Sometimes the problem isn’t distance but time. Many people who struggle with addiction have busy work lives, family commitments, and important relationships to maintain. They want help but have demanding schedules that make it impossible to find the time for an outpatient program.

VANQUISHED online treatment program is the perfect solution. Parents can participate in morning sessions after kids go to school, and people who work during the day can participate in evening sessions. Online programs give you access to high quality treatment at your convenience.

Stumbling block three: Affordability

Vanquished online recovery program is just a fraction of what traditional treatment programs cost.  For a onetime payment of $179.95 you will have access to our three-month program.   Work at your own pace.  

The VANQUISHED online recovery program is broken down into four parts, or modules, which consist of multimedia material to guide you through the program.  The exercises are not a test of your knowledge of the material, but rather an opportunity for you to reflect on your addictive behavior and apply the material to your life.  Your participation in this program will change your life.  So, join now and start the process of changing your life.  

Detox and Withdrawal

Because heavy and sustained alcohol or other drug use takes an enormous toll on physical and emotional health, a detox period might be needed before you will be able to benefit from the Vanquished program.  If you need to detox find a medical center that can provide the kind of help you need.    We are here for your ongoing recovery.

We will help you every step of the way.  Reverend Donald Kinnard is available to answer your questions via email.  

Rev. Donald Kinnard, with his vast amount of addiction recovery education, along with his personal experience of addiction and recovery. With his research and affiliation with many other addiction recovery institutions. Has developed a program called VANQUISHED. VANQUISHED is an online addiction recovery program. Rather your addiction is to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or sex. This program is for you. Our 5 keys to addiction recovery program (VANQUISHED) will free anyone of their addiction.

The five keys to addiction recovery is a program that takes a person from an addictive state of mind to a positive state of mind, body and spirit.

The First key is honesty. Respectable, admired behavior is always carried out with honesty. Telling the truth and backing it up with actions show respect for what's right and an esteem for ethical and moral integrity. Honesty is one of the key components to addiction recovery and one of the most admired traits of any successful, responsible person.

It is the spiritual principle behind step one. Many people in recovery live by the mantra “we are as sick as our secrets.” Individuals need to pay special attention to honesty in recovery because they have to be truthful to others, and above all they have to be honest with themselves. People who do not develop honesty as a personal quality are more prone to relapse. This is why honesty has to become an everyday habit until it converts to second nature.

 The second key is to make a commitment. You were living in the chaotic world of addiction for so long and you realized you need to get out. After pleas from family and friends and the destruction of your life and career, you decided to take the leap of faith and enter drug and alcohol rehab. Now that you are in addiction recovery, you are cured, right? Think again! It takes more than just being in rehab. You need to make a serious commitment to have a chance at making this new life possible.

The Third key is acceptance. Acceptance is an opening of your heart to the realities of life and to the ways in which you have been impacted by your life choices. It means you don’t fight against the realities of your life but accept them for what they are and use them to grow as a person and move forward in life. It’s a major part of becoming a better person emotionally and spiritually and it can serve as a huge boost in recovery.

The Fourth key is believing in GOD. Sounds simple enough, but is it really that simple? The most common form of apprehension within recovery, lies in the concept of finding a higher power. I have heard people say countless times that “they don’t get the whole God thing.” These uncertainties are not without merit and unfortunately, reluctance to find a higher power keeps many addicts from finding recovery and balance.  Believe it or not, everything you do creates a ripple effect. The seeds you plant can either spring up into life or lead to destruction. If you frequently back out of your promises, take things that don’t belong to you, insult others, lie or cheat, you are sowing bad seeds. Bad seeds can destroy the good things in your life such as your relationships. That’s why the Bible admonishes us to sow good seeds unto righteousness, through your kind words and good deeds. In doing so, your life will be used to be a blessing to others.

The Fifth key is applying the principles of GOD into your life.  The Power in APPLYING Spiritual Principles. For years I built a library of Spiritual books. I was hungry for Truth and would devour volumes of teachings of all different philosophical backgrounds. As my comprehension of Spiritual principles deepened, I became very aware that even though I let things roll off my back a lot easier, I wasn’t seeing any real change in my life. I still felt poor, overworked, frustrated with my career, underappreciated, and my cripplingly low self-esteem hadn’t gone anywhere. What was up with that? All these self-help books promised transformation and I expected to see it.

What eventually became clear was that all these Spiritual practices are great but won’t do a thing for me until I actually PRACTICE THEM. I was reading and talking a lot about Spirituality, but I wasn’t actually applying the practices into my life. Turns out transformation is a result of application.

Things you will learn during this program:

Coping stills 

For most of us it was hard to cope with the world and the issues that every day life brought to us.  By learning coping still we will be able to make sessions that are conducive to the health and wellbeing of our life.   

Relapse Prevention

Although everyone in addiction recovery does not relapse during their time in recovery, relapse is a part of recovery.  We will look at how to prevent relapse and how to learn from a relapse and get back on track.  

Anger Management

Because addiction strips us of our ability to think rationally, when something happens that we do not like we get angered.   You will learn how to deal with situations that dose not go your way.    

Relationship Rebuilding

During our addiction we took advantage of everyone around us.  Most of the time it was someone we loved.  We need to understand that they were not the problem.  We will look at the part you played and the part that they played.  Rather it was your wife, your Mother, your job or friends.   You will learn hoe to mand them all.

Authentic Self 

For many of us we started using before we could learn and understand who we were.  The person we became was the person formed from the addiction.  Once the addiction is removed, we need to learn our true self. 

How to say NO

For addicts (addiction) it’s hard to say no!   Like Paul says in the book of Roman.  The things that I wish you do, I can not do. But those things that I would not to I do.  Having no power to control your decision making can be very harmful.   It’s important that you learn to have the power to say NO.  

How to stay sober

With our five keys to addiction recovery program you will learn how to live a life with the use of alcohol and other drugs.  


During our active addiction we did not have any respect for ourselves nor any one who we came in contact with.  In fact, we were always self-centered.  Learning who you use humility will give you a sense of others concerns. 

Self Confidence  

 One of the most important virtues we can have is self-confidence.  Because some of us were shy or felt less than we found confidence in drugs and or alcohol.  It gave us a false sense of courage.    


                                                                     Program Director: 

                                                         Reverend Donald Kinnard  

My name is Reverend Donald Kinnard.  I have been involved in addiction recovery since 1989. After first admitting my own addiction to alcohol, and other addictive behaviors such as gambling.  I began to struggle for years to overcome my addictions.   I realized that the problem wasn’t alcohol or any other addictive behavior. It was my obsession, (cravings) and the overwhelming compulsion and desires to satisfy cravings.   All of which were controlling my every thought and behavior.  So, I began the process of reconditioning my mind, my body and my spirit.

In 1993 I began to work with ( SAMHSA’S), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. With their support and guidance, I developed the five keys to addiction recovery program called VANQUISHED. The five keys to addiction recovery is a program that takes a person from an addictive state of mind to a positive state of mind, body and spirit.  My team and I have hands on recovery knowledge and recovering experience.  When designing this program the opinion of William D. Silkworth, M.D. who was Director of the Charles B. Towns Hospital for Drug and Alcohol Addictions in New York was highly used.   

Our credential list is long.   Since   1993 we have partnered with some of the finest addiction and mental health services organizations in the world.   In 1995 we worked with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.   With their support and guidance, we started the non-for-profit organization called Christians helping drug abusers.    In 2006 we started our online addiction recovery program.   Up to date we have helped tens of thousands of people recover from their addiction.


Every client will receive a FREE integrity and serenity bracelet when they join the program.   The bracelet serve as a reminder to your commitment to working an honest program and the joy that comes from being a productive member of society.


Brian B

Very informative videos

Brian B

One of the most important aspects of this program were the videos. Some were audio which give me the opportunity to listen at do other things at the same time. Other videos were so mind captivating that your focus was right on the lessen you needed at that time in the program. Step by step the videos and the audio were moving me through the program.
William T

Cost effective

William T

I am so thankful for this online recovery program. Most treatment centers want you to pay thousands of dollars to come into their inpatient treatment facility. Their they ad on all kind of extra pricing. With the Vanquished online recovery program you get the facts, No bluff. The cost of $179.95 was a one time payment. It give me complete access to the program. I am grateful for being able to take advantage of this opportunity to change my life.
Mary C

At home recovery

Mary C

I am for ever grateful to the Vanquished online addiction recovery program because it give me the opportunity to stay at home with my family during my recovery from addiction. My children who were young at the time and needed their mother. If the kids were at home I would participate in the program when I was free. I was able to work the program at my own seed. In the privacy of my own home.
Celestine T

Program benefits

Celestine T

I have a very demanding job. My boss would not have understood me taking off work for a substantial amount of time. Inpatient treatment was not an option for me. I could have lost my job. But this program allowed me to work my job at the same time I worked the program. With 24-7 access to this online program you can overcome your addiction anywhere as long as you have a computer or cell phone.

The program structure

This program is structured to guide you through a process which will change the way you make decisions for your life.   Although the program is scheduled out over a three month time period.  You are encouraged to move through the program at your own pace.   There are over 150 lessons plus more than 50 videos for your learning enhancement.  All of  our clients will be given a FREE daily reading App from the Google play store. The App was designed by the VANQUISHED program so that members could have their daily reading on hand.      There is a one time charge of $179.95 which give you unlimited access to the program and  email consultation.   Also included is a INTEGRITY & SERENITY bracelet which serves as a reminder of the challenges and rewards you are fighting for.   You will have access to a peer to peer 24-7 system.   The program has three training modules.  Each module consist of four principles.   Each of the twelve  principles are focus on  changing how you process information and how you use that information.

The program is presented trough text, video and audio presentation.  A regular spiritual practice of daily reading and meditation offers consistent daily spiritual support and over time supports the anchoring of spiritual values into all aspects of life.


The purpose of credentialing is to standardize the quality of addiction prevention, intervention, treatment and continuing care services. Through standardized testing, the Commission is able to set a benchmark for professionals and monitor the abilities of those who treat addictions. Because the NCC AP is connected to the profession and to those who are using the credential on a day-to-day basis, the tests are evaluated  to ensure they address the latest information on treating addictive disorders.  The badges below severs as a reminder of the import-ants of having quality service for medical recovery services.   Because the VANQUISHED program is spiritual in nature we are not bound by such requirements.  If you are in need of detox you should get medical attention first.

The VANQUISHED online addition recovery program will change your life forever. You will learn how to become a productive member of society

Get started now

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